Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Home Teacher

So I bought this bike from someone down in Provo back in October of 2008. I actually sent a friend (Tim Spjut) over to pay the guy the $5.00 for the bike just so it wouldn't slip away from me. Days later Sam and Alisa Hunter went down there to pick it up for me, they are good friends. Anyways, it is hard to say exactly when it was made but i'm guessing early seventies and it is a Styr, Made in Austria road bike. Since recieving the bike I have done tons of work on it as you can tell. I got the wheels from a guy in salt lake that traded me a couple of old BMX bikes for some cranks, wheels, and two or three frames. I converted this bike to a single speed, dished out the rear wheel, lubed the bottom bracket, changed out the seat, handlebars, stem, and had the before mentioned Sam Hunter machine out the outer chainring to make a clover bashguard that totally rocks. The bike has cross tires and a very cool, totally vintage, BYU bike licence plate. Thus The Home Teacher. I'm still planning on fenders if I ever find the ones I want and that fit. Handlebar grips are probably next.